Ingram Music Studios is my recording, mixing and production room. It is built around my 1925 Steinway M grand piano, Pro Tools HD system and carefully curated selection of world-class microphones and outboard gear. Located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, it is an ideal space for pre-production, tracking, voiceover recording, overdubs, and mixing.

Contact for rates and availability.

Click here to listen to samples recorded at Ingram Music Studios.
Lorin Cohen, Home, 2015 – editing
Joy Dragland,
 Tumble Town, 2015 – mixer and producer on “Lucky One” and “Leona”
Phil Gibbs, upcoming album, 2015 – producer
Dan Kaufman, Familiar Places, 2015 – producer
Bob Mundy, Something Beautiful, 2014 – mixer
Jeremy Udden’s Plainville, upcoming album (recorded at Big Orange Sheep), 2016 – producer
Jeremy Zmuda, Stop Motion, 2015 – producer

Pro Tools 10.8.3 HD

Avid HD Thunderbolt Native and 8x8x8 HD I/O Interface

2012 27″ iMac with fusion drive and i7 processor

photo (1)
Dangerous D Box (summing and monitoring)

Focal Solo 6 Be monitors

Plugins by Waves, Soundtoys, DMG Audio, Vahalla DSP, etc.

Native Instruments Komplete

Flea 47 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser (u47 copy)

2x Neumann/Gefell MV691 Small Diaphragm Condenser with m58 omni capsules (modified by Andreas Grosser)

2x Microtech Gefell M300 Small Diaphragm Condenser (cardioid)

2x AEA r84 Ribbon Microphones

Shure SM7

Shure SM57

IMG_2347Preamps, EQ, Compressors
Tree Audio Branch Tube Channel Strip (Preamp, EQ and Limiter – based on Inward Connections 820 Sidecar)

BAE 1073 MPF Dual-Channel Microphone Preamp/DI (Based on Neve 1073)

2x Classic API VP312 Preamp (based on API 312)

Handcrafted Labs Oz Stereo Pultec-Style Tube EQ

2x API 550A EQ

Alan Smart C1LA Stereo Compressor

Hairball Audio Rev D Compressor (UREI 1176 Clone)

1925 Steinway M grand piano, recently regulated and voiced by James Carney

Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano

Nord Electro 2 73-key keyboard

Fender Blues Junior guitar amp

Fender Jazz Bass